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Kitchen Maestro 2017 - Semi-Finals

Saturday, 5th August saw semi-finalist Imke Smit and Helena Roux from Cook-off 1, Beverly Strydom and Ian Smith from Cook-off 2, Tracy Crommelin and Siobhan Newcombe from Cook-off 3. All the semi-finalist were given a Le Creuset Pressure Test, in the form of a Le Creuset Recipe selected By Chef Dewald Hurter - the recipe they had to replicate and add there unique twist and flavour to was the “Lemon & Herb Roasted Chicken with Mushroom and Cream Sauce” (available on the Le Creuset website) Our 2017 KITCHEN MAESTRO FINALIST were announced! Ian Smith and Helena Roux cooked off in the FINAL Cook-off. All Photos taken by Michael Sheehan Photography

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