Walmer Park Shopping Centre
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Our top two semifinalists Ronel Addandale and Dallas Land battled it out in a nail biting finals yesterday . Each contestant was given a pressure test dessert - Stick Toffee Pudding which they had to put their own unique twist on. They were also given Walmer Park Shopping vouchers to purchase their main meal ingredients. With only 15 minutes prep time, they had 1 hour to prepare a main meal and a dessert at the same time before presenting it to the judges. Ronel made : Fillet steak with diane mushroom sauce and garlic rosemary taters as a main dish and she served her sticky toffee pudding with spun sugar and strawberries dipped in chocolate. Dallas made: Lamb chops crumbed with sesame coriander and parmesan and potatoes dauphinoise served with mushy minty peas as a main dish and he served his sticky toffee pudding with almond brittle and lemon zest cream. at the end of the cook-off the judges deliberated and crowned the 2015 Kitchen Maestro! Congratulations to Dallas Land on winning the competition this year.

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